Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Late Late Birthday post!(^o^) part 3 pics heavy

My bestie Jen gave me a special treat for my 21st birthday. So, She took me to the spa, which was awesome. :D She is super sweet and the best bestie ever.We visited the Sanctuary Day Spa for a relaxing day of massage. For those who have never had the spa experience I highly recommended it. I was in the Fashion Mall location and once I entered past the doors there was no way to know I was in a mall. Sanctuary Day Spa goes above and beyond to create a relaxing atmosphere.

As we enter Sanctuary Day Spa. The front desk lady there gave us a tour of the place. Then she showed us the locker room, where we changed into a robe. 

we had our own closet to put our belonging into. That's was cool. After that we are greeted with a drink and snack followed by a a warm foot bath by one of the friendly staff, while we waited for the massage session. 

I had an outstanding experience! The receptionists were very friendly and professional, the facilities were very 
luxurious and relaxing, my therapist was very kind upon meeting me. I was then led to my massage bed which was waiting for me with warm padding and towels. I was left in complete privacy to undress to my comfort level and slip under the cover sheet.
The massage was very relaxing and different. It was my very first time getting a massage. I liked it a lot. I want to bring my mom here one day :). After we went back to the locker room to change into our normal clothes. I decided take a shower because I was all oily and gross. 

Then we went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. 

my food. yum yum.. :D 
Thanks for Everything Jen, love you. <3

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