Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day at the pool.

Last Friday, my best friend Terry and I decided that It was too hot .So, we agreed to go swimming. :D It was a perfect day for a cool dip and to show off that little bikini of ours. It was such a nice day to lay out in the sun and get a good tan.

warning : a ton of pictures, i love to camwhore lol

It was a little windy that day.

Take 1

Take 2

my toes :D

So as i looked up at the sky.. This is what i saw.

and this awesome heart shaped cloud.

my back haha. It is so hard for me to tan and I'm pretty light. :(

That's it. It was a really fun day for Terry and I. LOL I hope to do this again with her next week. :) 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My gift to a friend

My friend's birthday is this Friday which is June 18th. She is going to be 21 years old. Voohoo! haha time to gamble J/k. Gamble is bad guys hahaha. Anyways, she is very nice and sweet. So on her birthday I wanted to do something different and make her something. Plus, she is the type that likes handmade things.
So I decide to make her a Pochacco, her favorite sanrio character.

here are some pictures of how it is put together :)

Isn't it cute? aww lol
 Now i need the cutest box and the cutest wrapping papers to go with it, and a cake . I hope she'll love it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

China glaze Nail polishes part 2

If you read my last post about China Glaze nail polishes you know I had purchased some China Glaze from However, I don't like how they don't show the shipping cost before they billed your credit card. So that sucks! Then I was reading reviews and see where people buy their china glaze from and I came across

It seems like a legitimate site so without a second thought I ordered some China Glaze nail polishes from them.
Every China Glaze nail polishes are $2.99 except the glitter series which are $3.49. I bought 7 things, 5 nail polishes and 2 Seche Vite top and base coat. My subtotal cost was $23.05 and plus shipping cost of $10.19= all together total $32.09. I had a coupon code may05 which took off $1.15 and  for this month discount code: June05.

The package is nicely packed and secured.

From left to right: white on white ($2.99), V ($2.99), Lemon Fizz ($2.99), Refresh mint ($2.99), and shooting stars($3.49).

Seche Clear Base Coat $3.25 and seche Vite Fast drying top coat $4.35

 color swatches. Picture is taking with flash.

without flash

Day light view.

If you have any questions just lets me know. :D