Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My gift to a friend

My friend's birthday is this Friday which is June 18th. She is going to be 21 years old. Voohoo! haha time to gamble J/k. Gamble is bad guys hahaha. Anyways, she is very nice and sweet. So on her birthday I wanted to do something different and make her something. Plus, she is the type that likes handmade things.
So I decide to make her a Pochacco, her favorite sanrio character.

here are some pictures of how it is put together :)

Isn't it cute? aww lol
 Now i need the cutest box and the cutest wrapping papers to go with it, and a cake . I hope she'll love it.


  1. omg, you are so talented! i LOVE It. SO CUTEEEE!!!

  2. Omg, that is so cute & creative! I suck at origami type of stuff, hahaha :P

  3. thanks Susie! hahaha it took me forever to make this. But i'm sure you can do it too.

  4. OMG! That is so cute! You are so creative!

  5. oh my gosh! its so cutee! make me one too ><