Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More R&R blushes!! 0_o

I can't believe it either. But yes! I got more Rock & Republic blushes. After trying out the first R&R blush that I got from Hautelook, I was so impressed that I wanted to try out the other colors from their blush line. So, when I found out about the official Rock & Republic website is having a sale, I thought that's perfect. Time for me to get more blushes. Oh! and the sale is still going on, use code: ROCKCOSMETICS for 50% off. So, if you all still want some R&R blushes then this is a good chance to get all of them before they are out of stock. :D I got 4 blushes:
Kinky, X-rated, bedroom, and Seduce

Kinky is a cooler, brighter pink, with a matte finish. If you have Nars Desire,  The color of Kinky is similar to it.
X-rated is my favorite. The color is like fuchsia, very bright. 

Bedroom is a matte guava pink.

Seduce is a shimmery, nice plum color. 

It was really hard to take picture and swatch of Seduce. But This is the best true to color of it.
(with no flash)L to R: bedroom, Seduce, Kinky, and x-rated

(Taken with flash)L to R: bedroom, Seduce, Kinky, and x-rated

Overall, I love these blushes. But it really hurted my bank account. :( I need to take a break on buying makeup. lol! watch, when the next great things come around and I'm all splurging over them. shame! lol wells, that's it for now. Thanks for reading >_<

P.S. Today, My bestie Jen came over  to give me a present. Isn't she very random? lol and OMG she is crazy lol jk Jen. I meant it in a good way. Anyways she got me Dsk necklace. Isn't she awesome. I was totally surprised. Thanks Jen! I love it and I love you :D

-good night world.
love leang


  1. So many beautiful blushes! I feel so left out that I'm checking the website right now lol. Thanks for the coupon code! :)

    & nice necklace btw ^_^

  2. Also, you'll have another one on the way soon for the model search ^_^

  3. Those blushes are soooo pretty! :)


  4. Wow, such pretty colors for blushes. I'd probably go with the seduce and x-rated since it'll probably look best on my skin tone. :) Cute blog. More makeup pics please!

  5. I have Kinky, and LOVE it. :) I love splurging on makeup too, to the point where I have to avoid Nordstroms and any makeup-related sites when I'm broke. =/

  6. those are the prettiest blushes! i was considering getting some but i probably won't ever even finish one of them haha. i love kinky the most!

    yes! they should definitely make an extra petite antm. that way we can learn to pose taller :D

  7. the packaging is just awesome! :)

    it's a pity they don't sell these products in Spain... :(