Friday, December 24, 2010

Early Christmas presents +NOTD

I finally did my nails yesterday. It's been forever since i last painted my nails, I just didn't have the time to go get the Seche Vite top coat, I can say now that it is my favorite top coat ever, without it I literally can't do my nails. I find that with other top coats, i have to wait so so long for it to dry and I dislike waiting for anything ha-ha. I don't think i did a great job on painting those snowflakes, I think they kind of looked demented, while trying to do snow on the tip of the nails, i think i failed too. Anyhow, I think they looked pretty good from far far away lol.
This is what i used:
Seche Vite base and top coat
Stripe white and silver 
China Glaze white on white
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Rockstar pink

My early Christmas present, 2 sweat pants from Victoria Secret, I love it both. 
Victoria Secrets sweat pants are so comfortable. :) 

so cute

My little cousin Veronica  gave me an early present too, because she is going to California for Christmas this year. She is s so sweet, she got/made me all these things for Christmas. I loved it all, hand made things are the best. 

My early Christmas present from my best friend Tearry, she got me these mineral eye shadows from Bella Terra in Sand, Baby Doll, and seashell. These eye shadows are so cool, it can transform into 8 different products: creamy Shadow, matte Shadow, eye liner, lip color, nail polish, body shimmer, mascara, and hair streaks.

Thanks for reading :)
Merry Christmas Everyone 
-love Leang


  1. gorgeous nails!! they're so pretty! I need you to come do my nails hahaha

    the bella terra set looks so cool! They look like the perfect wash of e/s!

    Merry Christmas :) You got so many early christmas gifts! so far I only got gift cards! lol

  2. From far away. they also look like trees with snow on em :)

  3. I love the nails!! I still don't have patience to do my own nail art, but some day haha
    and Seche Vite has to be one of the greatest creations on this earth..I can't live without it!

  4. Awesome NOTD! And those mineral eyeshadows look gorgeous!

  5. your nails are so pretty! they look like beautiful crystal snowflakes. i love the eyeshadows too so sparkly

  6. Merry Christmas! :D Your nails are super cute & festive! *tutorial!!* :D

  7. Great job with the nails, I wish I could do that. Mine will probably turn out to be a white blog lol. Merry Christmas!

  8. so pretty...i miss doing my nails. first i stopped because i was afraid they'd peel and some how get into my daughter's formula when i made her a bottle and since i started working at a snack plant i definitely cant because they are afraid of food contamination...some day :)

  9. i love your little winter nail art. and love your presents =)

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway

  10. Your nails look AMAZE-ing!!! Great job, I don't think they snowflakes look weird at all lol.

    And btw, Blacklabelboutique does sell the real things PLUS you get 20% off last time I checked :)