Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OPI nail polishes haul and swatches

Hello lovely!

How are you all doing? ^_^
Anyways, I was at T.J. Maxx a couple days ago and while browsing through the beauty shelves, I found OPI nail polishes. Sadly, they only have a couple of colors, not much of a selection, but the price is quite reasonable, 2 nail polishes for $7.99, so it is like $4 a bottle.
 I picked up 4 nail polishes, Brand New Skates, Just Teasing, Mod Hatter, and Sea Ya later Sailor. These  nail polishes are super sheer, one coat isn't enough to get the color to show up on nails at all. 

Brand New Skates
2 coats on the ring finger

Just Teasing

 Mod Hatter
this is my favorite. It is so pretty in person

Sea Ya later Sailor

Until next time
-love Leang


  1. Wow, thanks for the swatches! I need to check out my local TJ Maxx. :)

  2. wow that's cool :) i love the last colour!

    <3 angie

  3. Gorgeous colors! Great find! I will have to key my eye out for some OPI at TJ's :D

  4. I got the same 2 sets like yours at tj maxx as well! I thought they were the best ones there too! nice! love the swatches I have yet to do mines!

  5. pretty pretty! :)

    Anyway i changed my site to
    Please check it out! :D

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