Friday, December 3, 2010

Boots Haul

I've been crazily in love with shoes shopping lately, mostly boots though, since it is winter and all. Boots are one of my must have for winter. I got 6 more pairs to add to my boots collection, I seriously wanted every color out there ha-ha.  I think I went a bit insane there with spending so much this month, but black Friday made me that way with all of the discounts and deals and what not.  Anyways, just wanted to share what I got and stuff. Enjoy! ^_^

From Nordstrom Rack:

This boots are so cool,  you can wear it in 3 different ways. I love furry boots, super comfortable, loved it!

I used my Groupon's coupon for this pair and am i glad i did. Update: is a legitimate site. 

I only paid $30 dollars for this boots on black Friday, lucky right? 
Now it is back to $49.50 on the website.

From Ross:
Ross never let me down, I always find great stuffs there. :)

I also got these leg warmers from Wetseal and that's it.

Goood Night!



  1. The first boot is awesome, it's so versatile!! LOVE HOW U CAN WEAR IT IN 3 DIFFERENT WAYS :) My fav is the 3rd way though! super cute heehee

  2. @Edwina: i know i love the 3rd way too :)

  3. Love the boots, especially the first ones. They look so warm as well as being cute :-)

  4. dang woman! you picked up so many pairs! I'd love to see your shoe collection!

  5. The first pair of boots are so hot!! I love how you can adjust them!! <3 xX

  6. they're all so cute!! especially the first one =D and the leg warmers look super awesome!

  7. btw, I tagged you :) come to my blog to check it out heehee