Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Japan 2010 ( pics heavy)

Hello my loves,
So guys, as some of you may already know, I was in Japan from October 26th to November 2nd. But I'm Finally back Yay! My apology for taking so long to make a post about this. It's just you know, when you left to go somewhere for a while and after you came back, your life is a little bit hectic and I was trying to get back on with my normal routine again.
 Anyways, Japan is such an amazing place, I had the best time there, even though I only get to spent 5 days there. For the first 3 days, my family there took me to Tokyo Disney resort. The 4th day, we went shopping. The 5th day, we went to Nara park. 
Everything in Japan is so high tech, the toilets, the road, etc. Also, people drive on the left side of the road and everyone there is so polite, all you hear is thank you and excuse me all day long haha. When it comes down to shopping, well you better bring a lot of money with you, everything there is so Expensive. Other than that, Japan is a great place to visit. 

Arrived at Kansai airport in Osaka

the first thing we ate.

Going to Tokyo

Trying to take a picture with the bullet train but failed. Lol

Jie Jie and I

My uncle and I

My uncle and his wifey

we look so short! >_<

yum yum

and 0_o

This is where we stayed at. Too bad you can barely see the ocean in the background.:(

a map of the park. big huh?

Do you like our mickey mouse rain coats?

It pretty much rained all day when i was there

This is so cute. 


so windy!! :P


I spy Hello Kitty hahah

Nara Park

I thought it was going to be warm in Japan around October and November, but i was wrong and didn't pack a lot of wintery coats. The family there bought me this coat, haha bright green i know. I still love it though, cause it's the thought that counts right?

my ah-yi and I

aunty and I

haha I love her

1st one
2nd one

3rd one

4th one

6th one

and 7th one, Yes i was soo fulled

my little buddy when i was there
and another one, haha the family have 2 dogs


at the airport again, time to go home :(

That's It! 

 My Little hauls while i was there:



  1. Aw your trip to Japan looks so amazing! And I love all the stuff you got there :D welcome back heehee

  2. aww the stuff you bought there are sooo cute leang! =) im glad you had a great time there!

  3. whats inside those 3 big mickey mouse boxes?

  4. Im so jealous!! I really want to go to japan!


  5. Amazing!! You make me can't wait to go to Japan now! Jealous that you went to disney land!! I wanna gooo!!

  6. ahh!! i'm so jealous! i miss being in's such a nice place :]

  7. Looks like you had a great time! I hope I have the opportunity to go to Japan one day :D

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  8. Aww what lovely photos and you look so pretty. : ) Looks like you had a lot of fun! And a cute little haul you have there. :P I need to go to Japan one day!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. Wow! Hope you had fun! Your hauls are soo kawaii! :) <3 (I had to delete the other one) typo >.<

  10. enjoyed all the pictures!! i NEED to go to japan!! :)

  11. Hello!! ;) thanks for the comment on my blog -- new follower now!! :D You look so pretty! AWEE!! I would love to visit JAPAN sometime soon!! looks so much fun!!! :)) You look pretty and I love all your hauls!! very cute!!!!!!!!