Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life: what have I been doing?

There were so many birthday dinner for me to attend between September through October. I've been to 2 of my friend's birthday dinner and my boyfriend's birthday dinner as well, all at the same restaurant, but on different days. hahaha so here are the pictures,

 Tony's 20th Birthday Dinner

Celia and I

Group Pic

Tearry and I

Also in these pics above I was wearing EOS max pure brown contacts that I got from after watching Michelle Phan's bumble bee tutorial 

close up view. Excuse the lighting, it was taken at night.:(

sushi... yum yum

Trang's 20th birthday dinner

Hahaha can you find me lol?

Jen and I. This was when my hair was still long.  
Group pic for Monica's birthday

I'm going to Japan in the next week, woohoo I'm so excited. So i won't be blogging for awhile until im back. 



  1. Your hair looks soooo good! I love the cut and color!

    Ooh japan! Have a blast! Its such a fun country!! I can't wait to go back myself :)

  2. Oh you look soo pretty in every picture! Your hair color is soo pretty! Those circle lenses look fantastic on you! They look so natural on you that they could be your real eye color! Hehe! Justin and I had sushi yesterday. Hehehe! Have fun in Japan! I visited over a year ago and I loved Okinawa, Japan. Have a great week!


  3. I love your hair!! You got a haircut right? What colour did you dye your hair? It's soo nice! Hope you'll have a blast in Japan!! Please show us ur japan haul when you're back :D

  4. Yuppp.. club was suppppppppppppa boring! =)

  5. the lenses look super cute on you :) and you look gorgeous as always. have fun in Japan!!! I'm super jealous ><

  6. I love the look your sporting Leang! Your eyes look bigger with them lenses. Looked like you had fun so thats great! I like the hair color, a very natural light brown. Or is that your real hair color? :/ Smiles!

  7. Thanks everyone :D and my current hair color is light brown, it is quite dark for my liking.

  8. You're looking gorgeous!! And love the new lens! THey look really gorgeous on you and make your eyes pop! Love your hair! Love the colour!!