Thursday, October 14, 2010

clothing haul!!

I've been good for not buying any make-up lately, yay! have to give myself a pat on the back for this one :). HOWEVER, I would probably have to punish myself for shopping so much these past weeks.  Wells at least I have stuffs to share with my lovely blogger friends right? haha

What I got from Ross:

 I got 6 jeans, haha I should of bought another one to complete the whole week. Silly Me! 
Anyways, these jeans are so comfortable. I love the back pocket designs on these jeans. I don't really care about brands as long as they are comfortable and of course cute ones!

I love love this Jacket

Victoria Secret online Store:
I also got 4 bras, sweat pant, and a sweat shirt? from their online store. Oh Have I ever told you all I used to work at Victoria Secret? haha those were the days, I was so into collecting bras. I know right, weird lol

Faux leather Jacket 

2 cardigans and a ruffle top.

and some Jewelry

This short was on sale at Abercrombie and Fitch so i have to get it. 
Haha I feel like I buy these every year. lol knee high socks and tights 

It was quite hard taking picture of clothes lol maybe next time I should just wear it and then take pictures.
alright good night world.  Mwah<3


  1. I LOVE the leather jacket!! :) Lots and lots of clothes =D

  2. Girl you know how to shop! I love this post! ^^ the boots are adorable too!

  3. Great haul! So much great stuff :D Now I wanna go shopping again!!

  4. so much cute haulage! i love all the bows and pearls and ruffles and girly things :)

    <3 angie

  5. I love ROSS! Ross always have good bargains and thats why I love it there. :) The jean designs on those babies are hot! I guess you must be tall enough to buy them jeans cause I'm short and petite and cant find good jeans. ha ha! And so I went to Walmart and ended up in their shoe section and found the same boots but when I felt it it wasn't as soft as I thought. :/ It was for 20 bucks!

    I also love the cardigans and ruffle tops. I think ruffle tops are so chick. heheh! It can either make you look very chunky or slim. ha ha! & cute jewelry. <3

  6. For a min i was like wtf?!?! is she crazy going to buckle to get those jeans. lol but like always i dont read EVERYTHING!! but freakin cute leang!! =) i want some more of those jeans! i barely wear mine. lol im afraid of ruining them =( take me shopping with u the next u go!

  7. Love the clothes!! The leather jacket was really neat!!


  8. Wow, you really went shopping! I am in love with the grey ruffle coat--what is the brand so I could look for it?! :) I used to work at Victoria's Secret too, for a short time my junior year of college. I liked the free bras and perfume and I still buy bras at VS, my favorite if the Very Sexy Wireless--it's super comfy, what's yours?

  9. @Angela, I know right I love Ross too. :D I always found some neat clothes there for a great deal. I'm not tall at all only 5'3 inch. :( i wish i was taller.

    @Jen hahah thanks Jen

    @ April, the ruffle top is actually pink April and i got it from forever21. My favorite bra from vs is angel air push up :D

  10. Great haul! You have great style! Love it! <3