Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Victoria Secret Semi annual Sale Haul!

Hello lovely,

College has been kicking my butt, I've been so busy, feels like I don't have a life anymore :(. That's one of the reason why I haven't been updating much on here. Sorry!
Anyways, here is my haul from VS semi annual Sale, everything was so cheap, original price for a bra was $50+ marked down to $15.99 each.  That's why i went crazy haha. I got a lot of bras that will last me at least for the whole year. So I'm not allow to buy any more bras. Lol Also I got some sweaters, 1 sweat pant, and a couple of Pj's.

Until next time


  1. wow, those are a ton of bras - they're all so cute though! super jealous! xxx

  2. Woaw! I wish we had had a sale like that somewhere out here! They all look really cute and pretty!! Comfy too?

  3. Great finds! LUCKY! You got sweaters! I found one pair of XS pjs that are still too big, but got similar bras to you! Did you get the bras for only $12.99 too? I was ECSTATIC since VS bras are crazy expensive. :) I misssed your blog post! :)

  4. dang girl! you know how to haul! great post :D

  5. haha OMG i did that one year.. bought soooo much bra's... now i still have some that i haven't even worn yet.. they really last forever =)

  6. OMG that is A TON of bras!!!!!!! :p You will have for weeks and weeks straight if you're ever stuck on an island! haha

  7. That's soooo much bra's!!!!! I shall check out the VS here in Canada to see if they have the same sale!! Seems like a great deal :D

  8. wow, wish we had VS in India! Lovely bra haul. Following you now ^_^.