Monday, September 13, 2010

Makeup Haul: Mac, Stila, etc.

Hello my lovely bloggers,
First off,  I would like to apologize for: 1)  My absence and lack of new posts. 2) My laziness. I swear, I will blog more often from now on (^_^).
So back to the topic, my makeup haul. I've been collecting quite a good amount of makeups over these past weeks, month :p. I got some Mac e/s, msf, a foundation base, and 2 mineralize kits. I got Stila's eye shadow palette and the finishing powder from Hautelook. Also, I got Missha perfect cover BB cream, MUFE HD microfinish powder, and some drug store items. 

Mac e/s: Carbon,Melton Mauve, and Memorabilia

Msf: Smooth Merge

L: Sheer tone shimmer blush-Dolly mix 
R: Cremeblend blush- Florida

Mineralize Kit
Pinkzapoppin and Fun in the Sun

Mac Prep+Prime: Skin Base Visage

Stila: Illuminating Finishing Powder- Bronze
Stila Smoky Eye talking palette

Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream- Shade #23

MUFE: HD Microfinish powder

Meybelline Define A-Brow in Medium Brown
Meybelline Eyestudio- Sapphire Siren

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses
Peach Petal, Corel reef,Lilac Pastelle, Pink Pop, and Firecracker 

Thanks for stopping by. :D 


  1. What great hauls! I'm super jealous. Haha the revlon lippies are the best. I love the packaging so much I'm tempted to buy sooo many of them and I already have 3. I'd consider Pink Pop just to finish off my set.

  2. Wow awesome haul! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. I'm gonna go to your house and steal all your makeup. Lol. I've been trying to be good lately and not buy any makeup. Successful, yes. But I'm pretty sad that I don't have new stuff to play with :(

  4. And btw, what shade are you in MAC? I've been considering the Missha BB in #23 as well, I just don't know if it'll suit my skin color. Let me know!

  5. Great haul! Love everything you got! I got that Mac set too, the pink one, did you buy it at your CCO? Im so in love with revlon's lipglosses. I have 2 of them and thinking of getting more!
    p.s. new follower here :)
    Come stop by my blog too if youd like.

  6. Heya! I really like that Mineralize kit, they didnt come out in the UK :( new follower btw! xxx

  7. those mac kits look super fun!
    & the msf! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
    nice haul ! :D
    new follower! ;)

    - Coco

  8. @_@ Massive massive haul! Sooo jealous! Love the dolly mix blush! Its soooo pink but so pretty > <You lucky girl!