Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi everyone, 
As you can tell from the title above, Yes! I ordered some items from, It is my first time ordering from them, My shopping experiences with them is great, It only took 5 days for my parcel to arrived. This site is quite informative through its method of showing you tons of pictures of the clothes, front and back and close-ups. They have a huge selection of clothing, from style, prices, and thousands of choices anything you can think of.

I got 4 items from them, one Jill Stuart blush, 2 tops, and leg warmers.
(everything is bought with my own money)

My first Jill Stuart blush in the color 04 seductive rose 
I love this brush, super cute
here are the swatches

P.S I would like to say thank you to everyone for all of the sweet comments and for following my blog, this is just a quick thank you. I have reached 112 followers, to me it is huge! wow,  thank you so so much.  So, my appreciation to you all, how about a giveaway? I've been thinking super hard on what to give back,  any suggestions?

Okay, until Next time :)


  1. The JS palette is so gorgeous! Great choice! :)

  2. such pretty selections! that dress is gorgeous and those legwarmers look so comfy. and that makeup is so gorgeous! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  3. I love the JS stuff :D And your tops are REALLY pretty!!! :D

  4. Everything looks so cuuuuute and pretty! I love the leg warmers! You're tempting me to buy one! >.<

  5. cool stuff honey! i love all the new goods!!! makes me want to shop~ LOL

  6. So cute! Did you have to buy the blush seperately or was it included?

  7. so cute!!
    i absolutely in love with you blog!

  8. Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours too now :D The lace dress looks great on you! I had no idea that Yesstyle stocked Jill Stuart cosmetics - I've got to get me some now! :P

  9. Beautiful blog babe! :) love all your posts! I'm way too lazy to update mine.. lol!

  10. You purchases are adorable! I love the lace dress, how was the fit? From the photo it loooks adoring on you! Oh and how are the JS blushes working for you? =)

  11. Thank you everyone, haha i love reading your comments:D
    @ Moon, I bought the blush together with the clothes. also sells cosmetics :)

    @Suki Pooki, The lace dress? it fits me perfectly, good thing I checked the size chart first. I love my JS blush, it's currently my favorite blush :D.