Monday, February 28, 2011

Spirit hoods: snow Leopard

Hello lovely,
Wow,a whole month? I can't believe it's been that long since I posted here! I certainly hadn't intended to neglect my blog for so long, I feel so guilty, you have absolutely no idea, but I've finally come around to do what I love again, Double points to that haha, however, I have some catching up to do, as you can see this entry was supposed to be  
posted a month ago, and now it is time to relieve my quit I've been having over not properly blogging.
Even since I came back from Japan, I was overly obsessed with anything furry ( faux fur by the way) I blamed Japan for making me that way because I seriously saw every store selling furry things, as a result when I found out about Spirit hoods, I knew I have to get one. This is where the boyfriend came in and said " hey I'd get it for you for Christmas", mouth dropped open. I'm so thankful, Thank you love :).

Meow Meow.. haha excuse the ugly face

Celebrity with Spirithoods on

Dislike mondays so bad... dangdee dang dang. lol
2:41am? alright time for bed, Good night now. :D
-Much Love


  1. Omigosh, you totally pull off the kitty ear scarf thingy! You look totally cute! ^^

  2. So cute :) I'm always attracted to anything faux fur at the store!! I try not to buy too much though LOL Yours is so cuteee!!

    Ahhhh I hate mondays too :(

  3. Your new winter gear is so cute! I wanted to order one for my sister, but she didn't let me! I think it's such a cute winter accessory :D

  4. @Kimmiie, Thank you hun :)
    @Edwina, Hahaha me too I tried not to buy too much faux fur stuffs.
    @DSK Steph:yea, it is so warm and comfy for the winter, I love it haha

  5. omg that's so cute! ever since I saw tsubasa wearing something like this I've been wanting this myself too ><