Friday, July 16, 2010

Vote For Me!!

Dear Readers,

If you would like me to Win, and worthy of becoming the next DSK Jewelry Model for 2010.

Please take a few minutes to help make a vote for me. It'll be greatly appreciated =D

Voting poll is on the left side of the page... Please visit the link below.

Thanks to Everyone that already voted! your vote meant the world to me. Thank so much guys! =D


1)who is your photographer?
It was taken by me. Lol

2)How.... ?
That's a secret! LOL jk! I held the camera upside down.

3)love your top, where is it from?
It is actually a dress, I bought from forever21.

4)Are you wearing circle lens?
Technically, not circle lens, but dark grey contact lens.

4) what shampoo do you use?
  Tresemme healthy volume. It is quite drying. I'm looking for a new shampoo once i finished with this bottle.

any more questions, feel free to ask =)

-love always


  1. ^_~ Good luck Leang! I know you're a few of my friend's fav ;D

  2. you are so gorgeous! your hair looks super pretty:) i tried voting for you but i don't see the voting part of the page? i'm trying to figure it out x

  3. Hey Leang, do you have a 4th picture by any chance? I want to fill that empty space on your entry : ) email the if you do

  4. i figured it out, thanks! there was something wrong with my screen, and i had to zoom out. i voted for you! good luck x

  5. Hey Leang Thanks for stopping by MY blog! (: i voted for you i hope you win!