Tuesday, May 18, 2010

China Glaze Nail Polishes.

So i recently bought some China Glaze Nail Polishes from
They are $2.68 each, I bought 5 nail polishes (Celtic sun neon, Second-hand silk, For audrey, Agent lavender, Bahamian escape). My total came to be $ 24.40. Yes! Stupid shipping cost. But i'm thinking of buying some more. Because I want to have every colors. Haha! Anyways, I don't think I'm going back to that website though. I don't like how it doesn't show shipping cost at the end. So, it is kind of risky in my opinion.

This is my least favorite nail polish. The Name is Celtic Sun Neon. It's like super Neon yellow. It reminds me of a highlighter kind of yellow. I don't really like it that much. :(

This is super cute. It is a creamy pink nail polish called Second-hank silk. It is very cute. You can never go wrong with any shade of pink. :)

This is For Audrey. The world famous China Glaze nail polish. Haha!! Everyone seems to like this color a lot. It is like Turquoise color. In my opinion It is a very bold color. However, it is still wearable. So, if you want that pop of color to your everyday look. This is the way to go.

This is Agent Lavender. My boyfriend least favorite. He thinks it looks like dry paint. lol very dull looking in his opinion. But to me, i like it. I like anything lavender. lol

Last but not least, Bahamian escape. This is a creamy blue nail polish. I like it a lot. lately, I've been really into bright color nail polishes and this is that pop of color to any outfits. It is not a bad color at all. It looks great on any skin tones.

Overall, I love all of these nail polishes except the Celtic sun neon. It is just not an every day color. It is like something you would wear during Halloween Haha. But I'll be buying more China Glaze nail polishes. It is very long lasting. I want every color there is.


  1. ahh, this is the best post ever. i was just looking at these yesterday. i'm soo tempted to buy but do you know how much shipping is for me?? 15 dollars!! (i emailed them prior) that could get me like a whole lot more nail polish. so i'm holding it off at the moment.i've done toooo much online shopping this month already. perhapes next month :D

    thanks for sharing. I love "for Aubrey" & "Agent Lavender"

  2. sorry for the late reply xbbkay. Anyways, before I bought from that site. i emailed them too and they said it would be $7.00 in the US. But when they charged me, it was $11.00. I hope this helps :D